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Pruning Your Trees

Urban trees occasionally require pruning to maintain safety, structure, health and visibility.

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Safety first!

During storms or periods of high wind, snow, or rain, branches may become damaged and dislodge themselves onto whatever lies below their canopy. In a forest, this would be no problem, but over your backyard, driveway, or sidewalk, this could mean disaster. 

Proper pruning can reduce risk of failure from dead or weak branches, keeping your and your loved ones safe.

Tree Health

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure

Properly pruned urban trees are generally healthier and happier in their environments. Not only can pruning improve tree structure, it can also reduce shade and wind resistance, improve vigor and vitality, and reduce the spread of disease.  


We'll give you a little space

If your street trees have started to overgrow their space, blocking sidewalk clearance and road visibility, you could be liable for a code violation from your municipality. 

Additionally, vista pruning is commonly requested for hillside trees which are blocking views. We do not 'top' trees, but we can work with you to create some clearance and give you back your magnificent view. 


You're looking good!

Usually pruning is about working with a plant’s natural growth pattern as it’s developing, as well as maintaining mature tree and shrub species. In general, a successful pruning job will leave your healthy and attractive trees or shrubs looking like they haven’t been pruned at all.

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