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Stump Grinding

When a tree is removed, our arborists will make the final cut as low as possible along the trunk section. This leaves a low stump in the spot where the tree once stood. At this point, you have two options:

leave the stump or grind the stump. 

Vermeer SC70TX Stump grinder on a hillside. Stump grinding mear me cheap removal affordable stumps.

Stump grinding is a process that involves a professional stump grinding machine (see above) which is positioned over the stump, and uses its many cutting teeth to grind up the rootball of the tree. This is done to prevent regrowth of sucker shoots, which could grow into another tree.

At Wind Thin Tree Service, we have several sizes of grinders available, which means we can grind both large and small tree and shrub stumps. 

After the roots have been ground, all that will be left is a pile of biodegradable stump grindings.

You can leave them to decompose naturally in that area, or our crew can remove them for you to be disposed-of at a certified disposal site. 

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